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Chevy Silverado Introduces New Multi-Flex Tailgate

Staying ahead of the competition and pleasing your fans is no easy feat, especially in the truck world. The Chevy Silverado, however, does just fine. Its class-leading bed stands out in available cargo volume year after year. In 2019, the Silverado topped tailgate tech with its power up/down feature. Useful for last-minute, “Oh shoot my hands are full,” situations or premeditated, “I know my hands will be full,” scenarios.

But the truck segment is a competitive one. So much so that the power up/down tech is already old news despite being an industry-first just two years ago.

How’s the Silverado to keep up with the Joneses (and their tailgates)?

Here’s your answer: the Silverado’s Multi-Flex tailgate. Available on all trims, the Multi-Flex tailgate offers five new functions: (See Below)


Center Gate – Work Surface

Need a work surface? Drop the top half to roll out blueprints, sign documents, or set up your laptop.

Center Gate – Easy Bed Access

Make loading and unloading easy by lowering and folding down the center portion.

Center Gate – Step

Need to get all the way to the back? That center portion you just dropped down has a step that kicks out to help you climb on in.

Load Stop – Low Level

And when flat with the bed, that step doubles as a load stop for longer cargo.

Load Stop – High Level

You can even utilize the load stop function with the tailgate locked in place.



See the new Silverado’s Multi-Flex tailgate in action here:

With such a variety of Silverado drivers, each with their own unique needs, it only makes sense to have a tailgate that adjusts from work-work to fun-work, and all kinds of work in between. Check out our full Silverado lineup online and give us a call when you’re ready for a test drive.

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